I agree with garibaldicu; Sometimes computers really do suck. I’ve been migrating an old web server to a new one at work. Fortunately, it’s just ours (the Center’s). Still, it’s been a major headache–broken links here, broken apps there.. All because we’re going not only from IIS 5 to IIS 6, but also because we’ve created an AD. It’s not all that tough, but I’m having to deal with the caveats as they come–at least I’m learning a good bit in the process. I’ve just learned to be a firefighter and put out the little brush fires as I see them *groan*

In other news, I’m going out with Carrie again tonight. It should be quite awesome. We’re just doing dinner and a DVD, which should be really nice *imagines Tracy getting her beak ready for pecking*

Hard to believe January is gone already. This means about 2.5 months until Episode III *drools with geek happiness* There’ll be other geek movies–before and after–but there will most likely not be a Star Wars movie ever again. Geek history in the making 🙂

Anyhoo, have to go get ready to put out some fires *sigh*

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