Got back from AZ the night before last. The rest of the trip was very pleasant, indeed. The Cubbies ended up going 2-2 while we were there. The 3rd game was rather interesting because it ended on a flubbed double play. It was at Ho Ho Kam, so the Cubbies were fielding in the 9th with 1 out. If I remember correctly, there were runners on 1st and 2nd. A ground ball was hit and tossed over to 2nd for an out. The baserunner did not get out of the way of the throw and blocked the throw to first; instant double play because of player interference. It was one of the odder Cubs wins that I’ve seen, spring training or otherwise.

It was definitely a very nice trip, for sure. It was definitely one of the more relaxing vacations I’ve had; took my mind off of everything but baseball.

So, the rest of the weekend has been slacking, so far. It’s been a really nice weekend, that’s for sure; I’ve even turned on the air conditioning. I think it probably won’t last, though, knowing Alabama weather.

SciFi Friday was indescribably awesome; SG-1 ended on a really nice note, and so did Atlantis. Galactica is becoming more and more awesome every single time I watch a new episode. I think that the series absolutely blows away the original disco incarnation of the story 🙂 There’s just so much happening on so many fronts. It’s definitely something that makes every episode uberly interesting.

I’m watching SG-1 right now; it’s the first one that had McKay in it. His character seems almost more pompus and arrogant than how he is now on Atlantis. He called Carter a “dumb blonde” *snicker*

I got a new game called Rise of Nations. So far, the game looks a good bit like Age of Empires. It might even distract me from WoW a little bit. Of course, it’s trading one gaming addiction for another. lol.

Tomorrow is Easter; I can’t believe how quickly this year is going, so far. Next thing ya know, it’ll be the middle of July or something. It’s rather ironic that it seems the older you get, the quicker time seems to past. I think that the work world makes you way too busy 😛 lol. It makes everything fly by in seemingly short amounts of time.

Oh, and I can renew the wings addiction tomorrow. w00t! 🙂

But, tell me have you seen the marvelous breadfish?

Well, Cubbies have gone 0-2 while I’ve been there. Both days, they lost fairly big (5+ runs). I think I brought bad mojo on my way down here or something. Yea, that has to be it 😛 Tomorrow, they play in Ho Ho Kam (their home winter ballpark). I can only hope they’ll do better and maybe end 2-2 during my stay here.

Arizona is pretty frakking awesome, as usual. It’s been in the 70s pretty much the whole time. Both games, we’ve been in the shade–therefore, I have been able to keep my pasty white fascade; definitely a plus. lol. Eating, even in a spring training ballpark, is about as expensive as a good steak dinner at <INSERT STEAK HOUSE HERE>.

NetZero has proven to be adequate for internet, although rather slow. I can still chatter away online, and it doesn’t take too long to download the email. Nevertheless, 20th century internet still sux0rs 😛

So here I am in AZ. w00t! It’s about frakking time. This last week has crawled beyond all belief :-\ I had to finish up a little project for work before this trip, so therefore I stayed there until 1am. It was awful, especially the next morning after < 4 hours of sleep. UGH!! Ahh, well.. at least I got it done. That was definitely a plus. The flight here was fairly uneventful. We stopped in Chicago (w00t!!!! x 10), and stayed there in a layover for about 3 hours. Too bad I couldn't have plopped down there for the night or longer. It's surprisingly cool here, in the low 60s. I hope this isn't what the entire week will be like. In years past, it's been low 70s at night with mid 80s to low 90s during the day. I want some heat, dang it 😛 The hotel room's "free" internet sux0rs. The ethernet port doesn't work, so I've had to resort to NetZero. It'll do, I guess. At least I can fairly comfortably chat and check email & LJ. 20th century internet really sux0rs 😛

Go Cubs.

Just one of those Mondays. Seems like just about everything could go wrong. Well, it wasn’t totally awful, I suppose. Same troubles, different day. I suppose if there weren’t any troubles or problems, then life wouldn’t be all that interesting. I have a project for work that I need to finish before going to Mesa. I think I should more than likely be able to knock it out. If not, then boy won’t my face be red 😛

I achieved Level 16 in World of Warcraft this fine evening. That was fairly awesome. I also got these cool wizard robes for my troubles. This game is so involved and drew me in so much that I looked at the screen and it was 8.. I look up again, and it was 10:30. Not even EverQuest could do that. lol.

Other than that, a fairly uneventful weekend. Saw the Cubbies on TV on Saturday, but they lost *sigh* Prior went down today, apparently quite hurt. They didn’t say it was anything serious, but knowing their luck that probably means nothing and he’ll miss half the season. Bleh. Hopefully their season won’t end before it begins.

Anyhoo, off to do the slacker thing.. And sleep! *ZZZZZ*

It’s been so frelling nice around here the past couple of days 🙂 It’s been in the 60s and quite sunny. Very nice weekend, all around.

I’ve started playing guitar 🙂 So far, I can play the C, F & G chords if I think about where my fingers are. F is definitely a killer–it’s hard to keep one finger firmly on two strings. The guy from whom I’m borrowing a guitar said I need to build up strength in my hands/fingers to be able to consistently hit chords, especially the F. That and I need to memorize how to get to them. This is definitely going to rock 🙂 I’ll record my first song and post it whenever I have it. But, that might be a while. Stay tuned.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet weekend. I had a bit of a tummy ache last night, but I think it was just that naughty Whopper that I ate–pure poison, of course, but it’s way too yummy 🙂 lol.

I finally sent off the Belle stuff I got from Disney World for Cristine. It sure took me frakking long enough; It must’ve been the uber nice weekend that breathed the initiative into me. Talk about being slothy 😉 It seems that spring is waking me up, once again. hehe.

Interesting how things like books can get banned because of offensive words. Freedom of Speech goes only so far, I guess *shrugs* I hate how any book gets banned at all. Perhaps we should amend Amendment I so that it looks like:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, so long as the above offends no one.

Mind you, we’re not talking about Congress making a law against freedom of speech or press, but people apply the first amendment in general public policy every day. They apply it for grievences about school prayer, certain books (e.g. mwshook pointed out that Mark Twain occupies many banned book lists because of certain offensive language), or perhaps even protests or petitions all because certain people (whether a majority or not) find any or all of them offensive in some way, shape or form.

This country works best when someone is offended; it sparks debate, which usually leads to a consensus. It’s very bad, however, when that consensus leads to the squashing of someone’s freedom to express themselves, just because it may offend the few.

*Steps off of the soap box and goes back to sleep*