So, here I am, chillin’ at the parents’. I almost forgot that today was Super Bowl Sunday. How on earth could I forget such a hallowed American activity? I’m vaguely aware that there is one today, and that it’s the Eagles and Patriots. I could swear that they were going to run an Episode III trailer during the game sometime, but I think it was just something out of the rumor mill.

I’ve had a fairly relaxing weekend. I caught up on some sleep, went out with a few friends. It was nice and mellow. I fixed a neighbor’s computer; I swear, I should open my own little computer shop–at least to make a little moola on the side.

Carrie is in San Francisco. I’m pondering what I might do for her on Valentine’s Day. We’ve only gone out twice, with definite intentions for a third date. What would be a perfect gift to get someone you’ve relatively just met? She’s a chocolate fan–a big chocolate fan. Perhaps something as simple as roses & chocolates would be nice?

I’m watching Taken again; it’s such an awesome little mini-series. I think there’s going to be a trailer for War of the Worlds during the Super Bowl, which also just so happens to star Dakota Fanning. She’s a very awesome young actress. She seems to have a thing for sci-fi/horror, because that’s all that I’ve really seen her in–although I think she’s been in a chick flick or two.

Anyhoo, off to watch a little more..

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