Well, nothing much to report from the front; it’s been a fine weekend of resting and slacking 🙂 I finally got to level 10 in World of Warcraft. I think I like taking it slow; if I go on a quest per night or so, I won’t burn out. That and about an hour a night won’t hurt; I won’t suffer from EQ-type addiction–or at least I hope not 🙂

I need to get the front turnsignal on my car replaced; I have been a bit too slackful this weekend 😉 Thankfully, I’m off tomorrow so perhaps I shall get off my booty and get it done.

Battlestar Galactica is really kicking some major arse. In many ways, I think it is very much superior to the original. The character dynamics flow a little more naturally than the original, perhaps because there’s a lot more you can get away with on cable. Adding Cylons into crew certainly makes things quite interesting, as well.

Dang, I’m such a geek 😉

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