One month until Episode III.

It’s almost like when ROTK came out; you’re losing an occasional annually visiting friend or something–instead of every year, though, it’s every three. In that nerdy sort of way, of course. Mainly, I guess now I’m just seeing the movie for the FX and the score, both of which I think, will be quite amazing–it would have to be after a frickin year-and-a-half of post-production *hangs on by a thread to nerdy little hopes*

It’s been really uber nice around here. The last 3 or 4 days have been in the 70s. I think we have shaken off the mild winter for warmer days. Bah, in the end I think we skipped over winter altogether.

I played some poker over the weekend at mwshook‘s bachelor party, and won around $200–of course this was all in chips, so it was merely a simulated game 🙂 Still, being the first time through, that was pretty damn awesome. I haven’t played poker, really, since high school. And, if that was for anything, it was pennies.. We played some Cincinnati, Cleveland (variation on Cinci), Spit in the Ocean, Texas Hold ‘Em, and some draw/stud. It was a nice little party; I really didn’t know anyone there, but it was a really friendly group. Anyhoo, Matt gets married this weekend. w00t!

I think I’ve discovered that if I get 7 or 8 hours instead of 6 or 7 in sleep, I’m much happier. Maybe I should give up my night owl ways, as fun as they are. Of course, that’d mean *GASP* less World of Warcraft time. Oh, no!

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