Can’t win their way out of a paper bag?

Still a wee bit sick, but certainly better. I don’t really have a sore throat anymore, although it does get a little raw with all of the coughing I’m doing. It has gotten to the point where I really don’t cough anything up, but the cough is just a reflex reaction to a tickle in my throat. The ear infection may have spread to the other ear, but there hasn’t been any pain with all of the pain killer that I’ve been on. I definitely have diminished hearing, which kind of sucks majorly–especially since I don’t know when I’ll get it back. Kind of scary :\ I’m headed back to work tomorrow, though, ready to troop through what I think is the last bit of this.

Batman Begins is one awesome flick. This is one movie that I have tried to remain completely unspoiled by–I hadn’t read any plot descriptions or reviews, just to give myself a bit of a summer treat. Star Wars had a predictable ending, as does War of the Worlds and so did Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Anyway, I think there’s no doubt in my mind that it is far superior to Tim Burton’s envisionment of The Dark Knight. That series of movies (specifically the first two) will always be entertaining, but won’t quite capture me in the same way as this movie has. Despite being the appearance of your typical action flick, there is a deep underscore on the theme of fear; this is truly where Batman gets his power, and this movie illustrated it masterfully. I think his evolution was fleshed-out well, for one single movie. It’s also interesting to note that Nolan completely stepped all over Burton’s series in the way he introduced the Joker.

The LifeDrive I got last week completely crashed on me; I’m pretty sure it had a defective hard drive, which of course is one of the device’s primary charms. So, I took it back and got an iPAQ rx3115. This evens out my PDA experience; I’ve had three Palm devices and three Pocket PC devices, all within a 6 year span. The cool things about this one would be the WiFi, the easily swappable battery–which is pretty useful for any WiFi device (power hogs) and, of course, the nearly seamless file transfer/conversion capabilities of a Pocket PC. The Bluetooth might be a pretty cool feature down the road, if I happen to get a cell phone that has it–I could conceivably use it for internet connection.

So, along with the movie today and some Chicago pizza, my dad got Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.. The one with the whales. He’s most of the way to converting to DVD from VHS with the Star Trek movie library 🙂

Cubs lost to the Yanks. Boooooo.

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