So there I was, just chillin out, dreaming.. When I had the oddest dream. I was actually in War of the Worlds. It was certainly a very odd dream; the only detail I remember of it is that I saw the “cylinders” that crash on Earth–I don’t know if the cylinders really exist in the movie or not, but they were in the dream. After that, the only thing I really remember is a lot of running. The movie comes out Wednesday. w00t!

This weekend was a pretty groovy one. I chilled for most of it. Ruthie and I got a bit further in Tomb Raider–it’s pretty awesome, playing that game again. The PS2 version of it certainly does the original PC games justice.

Cubbies are taking on the Sox today. The Sox are really suckin’ it, thank goodness. I knew the Cubbies would have their come-uppance sooner or later 😀

Oh, and I watched a lot of DS9. I’m finally into 7th season. I just watched the episode where Nog has to deal with losing his leg in the previous Jem’Hadar episode. He chills on the holodeck with Vic Fontaine for a little while, feeling sorry for himself.. And then he eventually comes to terms with things and all is right with the galaxy, once again. Overall, it was a nice episode. I don’t think I’ve seen it since the first time it aired.

I’m pretty much over the tonsillitis and ear infection, although I have a bit of a trace cough and my ear is still plugged up. The cough is kind of annoying because the only thing that triggers it is a little tickle in my throat–I never actually cough anything up. Very annoying.

I have the sudden urge to go read some War of the Worlds. I think I shall indulge that urge 🙂

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