Now, all I need is a lightsaber

So, I’ve gotten started on gathering materials for a Jedi costume for D*C 🙂 It’s going to so rock. This has become one of my favorite times of the year, for sure. I get to go to a convention which is populated by fellow geeks, and I get to see some old friends that I only get to see once or twice a year. Good times, good times 🙂

The fabric for the outfit was suspiciously easy in getting. I’m looking for some leather or vinyl for the shoulder armor–Michaels might possibly have such things.. I got the fabric at Hancock Fabric, but they didn’t have leather of the right color; they only had red or black and not the dark brown that I wanted. If any of you costume-makers out there have any other suggestions for possible fabric places to try, I’m certainly all-ears 🙂

The only problem might be the boots; where on earth does one get boots like that? I’ve seen on some SW forums that riding boots might do it–perhaps I just need to go into a boots store and ask, “Do you guys carry Jedi boots?” lol.

Anyhoo, this should be the most spiffy Jedi outfit. It’ll slightly resemble that of Anakin’s, only perhaps a couple of shades lighter. I’ll probably get a lightsaber at D*C–and I guess I’ll also need a holster for it. So much still to do.

In other news, today is Friday. Very w00t 🙂 It’s been a long week, but that’s always the case after a kick ass vacation.

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