Dang.. It’s Over Already? :-\

So Christmas was here and gone in a flash *le sigh* As quickly as it came, it’s 364 days away again. Go figure.

I guess the one thing that I won’t miss are the over-stuffing meals. They were super yummy, but perhaps a little too much in quantity. I guess that makes up for the semi-stuffing Thanksgiving 🙂 Dinner on Christmas Eve and Day were awesome, though. Fried chicken (my specialty) and then turkey and all of the trimmings the next night.

John and Laurie, friends of the family, stopped by for the afternoon & evening (and some turkey). That was quite kewl. They were quite happy to see Keith again.

Poor Keith; his luggage got quite lost on the way here because of a gigantic lady who just had to get off the plane because she couldn’t fit in the seat. This meant that all checked luggage was taken off as hers was found. Consequently, this meant that Keith’s luggage didn’t make it to Nashville with him and he had to wait until late Christmas Eve to go to Huntsville Airport to ask them for his luggage. Apparently, had he not done that his luggage would’ve been unclaimed and all hope would’ve been lost for it. Grrr…Most of the time that system works but, when it doesnt…Grr.

In-between most things that happened over the weekend, I played a good bit of WoW. I got to level 39. Maybe I’ll finally hit 40 by New Years 🙂

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