So, the rest of the weekend was quite smashing. The next day was mainly chilling out. We saw a little more of Greenfield & the surrounding areas. A little bit of shopping was done. After getting a few things he needed for the winter, like “draft dodgers”, Keith’s pad was a good bit warmer. The morning we left, it was almost roasting.

I saw Goblet of Fire last night with Ruthie 🙂 It was a really, really awesome movie. I didn’t realize the movie was just about 3 hours long–I was quite tired after that. Anyhoo, it looks like the movies certainly are getting progressively darker. Maybe I’ll go back and read the books at some point, although I may get so hooked into Wheel of Time that it may take a backseat for a while 🙂

My Mage in WoW finally got to level 30. It’s about damn time 🙂 It’s going to get to the point where I level so sparsely that Ruthie’s going to overtake me in level with her Warlock 🙂

I’ve put up Christmas decorations around my place. It looks quite smashing, although my lil tree is lacking a bit in the ornaments department. I didn’t want to get those customary glass/plastic ones to start out with because, in the end, they’ll probably just break.

So, Milwaukee is a pretty kewl place. We’re finally getting a slightly more lengthy tour of it than the one day that we got when we moved Keith into his apartment. Plenty of corner pubs, something they wouldn’t dare have in AL but thrive on here in the upper midwest. His apartment is quite warm, considering the 16 degree low temperatures we’ve been having here. I think he needs a wee bit more insulation, perhaps some plastic in front of the windows.

Today we went to Lake Lawn Resort. It’s the place where my parents had their honeymoon, and have been coming on occasion since for lunch. There wasn’t much golfing–or anything outside–going on today, because of the snow. It was just starting to ramp up as we left, so no one was even building snow forts yet. D’OH!!!!!

I had a mean salad for lunch. Literally. It started burning at my stomach and continued all day long and into the evening. I think it might be indigestion, I don’t know. My stomach was kind of burning, almost like it had cramps. My brother proved his northern might tonight by braving the darkness and the snow to get some Pepto. It didn’t really help much after two doses. Then I fell asleep for an hour, and now the stomach seems to be relatively happy again. I don’t know WTF that was. Maybe I gobble too fast 😛

Anyhoo, after lunch we went to the Pabst Mansion in downtown Milwaukee. It was a kewl house. Just the big ass house of a beer aristocrat.

I miss Ruthie 🙁 Uber bunches.

And with that update, I am off (happily, this time) to sleep. I hope everyone had and continues to have an awesome holiday weekend!

So, I had a dream last night that I was The Omega Man. It was a bit like the movie–everyone was a mutated freak, except for me. No one I knew was in the dream, so I guess it played out more like I was participating in a movie or play.

The main differences were that it was a nuclear instead of biological war, and the zombies weren’t disco freaks like they were in the Heston version 🙂

My dream world is a very strange playground, indeed.

So the weather icon on my sys tray says it’s 74 degrees, and yet I feel chilly *kicks worthless weather icon*

Today is very Friday-like, for tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. I think I need a good morning where I can sleep in. Sadly, as I get older, sleeping in seems to be 8 or 9. Ahhh, I remember the days when sleeping in meant 11 or 12 🙂

I think they’ve changed LJ a bit. Or maybe it’s just me. The textbox for the journal entry side scrolls. Usually my browser’s size is somewhere in the 800×600 range–maybe I’ll switch to one of those LJ clients 😛

I had a dream last night that I was running. I wasn’t running from anything, I was just running–I don’t think it was around the complex, but in some town or neighborhood. I think I need a good run 🙂

So, Keith sent me pix of Wrigley as it is today. I never thought I’d see the day where it was being torn down–unless they won a World Series (HAHAHA). I hope they get the bleacher expansion and such done before opening day. I could just imagine some big freakish blizzard sweeping into Chicago, delaying completion.

Wrigley 1
Wrigley 2
Wrigley 3
Wrigley 4

Anyhoo, nothing much else going down this week. I’m doing the gaming thing tonight–maybe even late tonight, since I don’t have to work tomorrow 🙂 Actually, I’m sure everyone else probably will have to get up in the morning.. That’s how it always is; I’m always off when everyone else isn’t. lol.