This has been quite the most awesome and relaxful weekend. It’s gray and drab outside, but it hasn’t gotten me blah at all. I feel quite well-rested and ready to go.

I finally started Eye of the World for the first time. This’ll be a really long literary journey, for sure. From everything I’ve heard from everyone who’s read it, it’s certainly a sojurn well-worth the effort. 11 books are currently out there, so this is a mere fraction of what is to come. I can’t wait to dive deeper into it. There’s an entire track at D*C for the Wheel of Time series. It’ll be nice if I can go into it having read at least the first book 🙂

Tonight, I will go to Mass and play Simpsons Clue for the first time in a while, and only the second time ever. The first time I played it was the first time I had played Clue at all, with Matt and Missy. It’s a good change of pace from all of those computer games.

Yesterday was a LAN party, but there weren’t many present–physically, that is. A few LAN cohorts were playing over the interweb. It wasn’t quite the same, but TeamSpeak certainly helped when we weren’t playing a game that had voice chat. Most of the time was spent whooping the snot out of bots. The AI of Counter-Strike: Source is actually quite impressive.

And now, for my next trick. A nap. Nothing up the sleeve. Presto! *zzzzzzzzzzz*