Yep, it definitely was super 😀

Great movie. The plot rolled along quite nicely, and in typical Superman movie fashion. It had a lot of elements of the original set of movies, indeed it is considered to be a sequel and part of that series. Kevin Spacey as Lex was quite convincing and definitely quite diobolical.

There were moments in the movie where I almost would have sworn that Brandon Routh was Christopher Reeve. It was eerie..especially when he was Clark coming out of the Daily Planet with Lois. I had a strange sense of Deja’vu.

I loved that they kept the highlights of the original score. Hearing the theme was pretty kick ass, like I was back in the 80s. According to my parents, the first movie I ever saw was actually Superman.

The thing that really did it for me, ironically enough, was at the very end …the final scene where he’s in earth orbit and then flies off-camera just as they did before.

Amazing…just amazing.

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