So, I have been in Chicago & Milwaukee for the past week. It was a very awesome, relaxing and eventful trip. It was quite kewl, seeing the bro and more of the place where he lives.

Milwaukee is a smaller town that I would’ve figured–we had a bit of time to drive around downtown when we were looking for a local pizza eatery. We never found it, but did have a nice lil cruise through the city.

Chicago was as Chicago as always. We went to the Field Museum, MSI, and the Adler Planetarium. Good stuff. We stayed at the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Ave. Very nice place. From when it was built in 1893 up through the FDR Administration, presidents stayed there whenever they went to Chitown.

We saw a Cubbie game, and actually saw them win one *GASP* They won 7-2 in a pretty decisive game that was started by Carlos Zambrano. They have this little thing at Miller Park called “Take Back Miller Park”. Cubs and Cardinals fans come up to Milwaukee in droves, because of the proximity. That means that the number of Cubs or Cards fans rival those of Brewer fans. I don’t think their little campaign was worth the t-shirts they were printed on, though, because there were a heckuva lot of Cubs fans at the game we went to.

We went to the Miller brewery. That was quite the fascinating lil trip. I really don’t drink beer, but it was really kewl seeing how it is made. I even had some at the end of the tour, when they dished out free samples. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was dark. I know it wasn’t MGD or Lite.

Good times, good times.

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