I’ve started moving into the new pad. Ruthie and I were moving boxes and the dining room table yesterday. It was hot. I hope it’s not so hot this coming weekend :\ That’s when we’re moving the big stuff. I might see if I can try to move some of the smaller big stuff this week, though (recliners, shelves, etc).

I’ve been lookin’ around for some bookcases, but hadn’t had much luck. All of the furniture stores had outrageous prices. At least I think $800 is a wee to much for two shelves–even if they are rather nice. Even Ashley Furniture had jack, which really surprised me. I may have found a local unfinished furniture store that might have some cool stuff, though. It’d be better than some laminate cases from Wal-Mart or Target.

Anyhoo, other than that, nothing much has been goin’ down. The Stargates have a really interesting plot that’s shaping up, centering around the Ori–although we haven’t really seen much of them since the season premiere. Since that and Robot Chicken are pretty much the only TV I watch on a consistent basis…ugh. I need to watch more. lol.