Today is one of those days. I can tell already, and I just woke up. I got plenty of sleep last night and yet I’m uber sleepy this morning. Figures 😛 Bah, maybe I’m just uber relaxed from a good night sleep.

I just won War of the Worlds, Season One off of eBay. I watched the series when I was a kid. Like most SciFi, I just gobbled it right up. It’s interesting, because it’s a continuation of the classic movie made in 1953 produced by George Pal, who produced and directed a good number of SciFi classics back in the 50s and 60s, among which were When Worlds Collide, Destination Moon and The Time Machine. Anyhoo, this series harkens back to my childhood. I bet it will be a helluva lot more cheesy than the coolness I thought it was in those days 🙂 Ya never know.

I got a new lawn mower. Someone where my mom works refurbishes old lawn mowers, so he sold it to me for $30. It’s in great shape, though, and looks like it’ll last a lil while. Perhaps a lil while will become a long while. It’s not like my wee lil yard will beat the thing to a bloody pulp…I hope.

Knology (the cable company) still hasn’t buried a cable that it laid out there when I asked for an outlet in one of the bedrooms. Looks like I’ll have to get my complainin’ on 😛

So, apparently (depending on how much you believe the wiki) we were all set to go beyond the moon after Apollo. We had plans to do a manned Venus flyby. Of course, we couldn’t have dreamt about attempting a landing, because the composition of the atmosphere and the extreme pressure of the atmosphere would have precluded such an attempt.

But, nooooo. Instead, we went the “cheaper” route with the space shuttle. In the end, of course, this turned out to be the more expensive route and the shuttle costs more per-flight than all of Apollo ever did because of the strenuous safety inspections that are required for the vehicle, and also the terrible cost of unionized contractors.

I really do hope that the ISS is a stepping-stone to exploration of interplanetary space, and that it’s not just some political tool to make nice with other countries (namely Russia).

In any case, the plans were to explore another planet, using the technology of Apollo. Perhaps this time the technology of the Constellation Program will send us beyond the moon.

So, it’s my third weekend in the house. I have things mostly unpacked. The final horror is the closet in the master bedroom. I can’t see the floor of it, at the moment.

I need to cut the grass. Wow. I have my own grass. Not only is it a horrifying thought, but also kind of cool. The back doesn’t need it as much as the front, but this evening I shall give them both what-for. It’s also kind of “ugh, I have to cut the grass”. But not so jaded about it, yet 🙂

I got a new desk yesterday, to replace the one that was torn to shreds in the move and finished off shortly thereafter by the cats. It’s a really nice one, or as nice as engineered wood can get 🙂 While I was off puttering away, putting a desk together, Ruthie was having a blast in the living room in Zul’Gurub with her guildies. I have yet to visit the instance, and the guild I’m in seems to be too big a mix of levels to mount a raid for it. Maybe I’ll have to level a character up on her server and get myself in on the act.

Today was my official last day in the apartment, though I’ve been long gone. I payed a security deposit when I first signed a lease, but they have since ended security deposits at the place–they’re now “administrative costs”. I may not get any moola back *sigh* I don’t know if I should fight for it or not. I had noticed deposits were listed as $0 in my second lease, so I don’t think I’d have much of a leg to stand on even if I did protest. It wasn’t necessarily a big deposit–at least it certainly wasn’t as large as the pet deposit 😛 Makes me not feel so bad that my last month’s rent was late 😛

Cubs are trailing the Rockies in the 5th, 5-4. I’m chillin’ at the ‘rentals, watching it. It’s in Denver, so I really think this is far from the final score. The fireworks are coming. You’ll see.

Well, I definitely made a huge bunch of headway today with gettin’ rid of the boxes. The kitchen is nearly all unpacked. I think I still have a couple of miscellaneous boxes that have kitchen stuff in them, but I have all of the essentials unpacked.

It looks like I’m all good when it comes to curtains, too. Some friends gave me some before the move, so I’ll have enough for three bedrooms to replace the flowery ones that are there now (bleh).

I went to Publix this fine eve–the one that’s on this side of town, which I tend to like better than the other. It has the exact same selection as the other one, and I really don’t know why I like it better, but it seems to jive with me better *shrugs* Just one of those things.

So, I’m watching Cocoon: The Return. Courtney Cox must be frickin teen-something in this movie. Wowsers.

So, I am moved into the house! w00 h00! It took merely 6 hours or so of loading/unloading the U-Haul. The only big downer was when my computer desk wouldn’t fit through the doors; which ultimately took a gouge out of a wall and scratched a hella lot of paint on the doorframes, not to mention scratched the hell out of the cheapo Wal-Mart laminate that is the desk itself. Nothing that touch-up and spackle won’t fix. Other than that, it was all good. Now I just have to get into all the boxes and get them out of here *sigh*

So, my computers are now up and running. Actually, I’m waiting to hook up the desktop…well, until I have a desktop 🙂 That’ll more than likely be this weekend. For now, though, my laptop and my server are up on my LAN. And so, I post from a rather empty house.

The cable guy came by and got me up yesterday afternoon, and installed a cable outlet in a bedroom which surprisingly didn’t have an outlet. Oddly enough, the living room has 2 cable outlets. That certainly evened it all out.

I actually found some wood bookcases at Wal-Mart *GASP!!* I figured everything at Wal-Mart was rickety and laminate. How cool is that? Odd that they don’t have it online. They are certainly nice ones, though, and for much less than ones that I was eyeing at a local furniture store. Greater capacity, too.

Now, I just need to get some more stuff over to da house. And I need to cut the grass. It’s starting to look like the Veldt out there 😛