It’s ALIVE!!!

So, my computers are now up and running. Actually, I’m waiting to hook up the desktop…well, until I have a desktop 🙂 That’ll more than likely be this weekend. For now, though, my laptop and my server are up on my LAN. And so, I post from a rather empty house.

The cable guy came by and got me up yesterday afternoon, and installed a cable outlet in a bedroom which surprisingly didn’t have an outlet. Oddly enough, the living room has 2 cable outlets. That certainly evened it all out.

I actually found some wood bookcases at Wal-Mart *GASP!!* I figured everything at Wal-Mart was rickety and laminate. How cool is that? Odd that they don’t have it online. They are certainly nice ones, though, and for much less than ones that I was eyeing at a local furniture store. Greater capacity, too.

Now, I just need to get some more stuff over to da house. And I need to cut the grass. It’s starting to look like the Veldt out there 😛

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