So, I get this f***ing bill from Colonial Grand (old apartment complex) for over $1K for carpet replacement. Now, I know Penny was known to have her accidents. Heck, she does now and then in the house when I’m not looking–she’s a firefight that will probably never end.

If you happen to live in the Huntsville area, stay away from Colonial Grand at Madison. They are nothing but trouble. I didn’t really truly appreciate what a neighbor said when they left that they really do shaft you, but now I have first-hand experience.

I need to look at my lease again, if I still happen to have it, and see what the hell is up with that. Why the hell do you pay deposits when you move in, if not to go towards something like that? The frickin’ pet deposit was $250. The security deposit, which I never got back, was about $100.


So, I ran out of kitten food this morning, so I tried a lil experiment. I gave Wrigley Penny’s food. So, they have the same food today. I put Wrigley’s food down, and he happily munches. I put Penny’s food down, and he goes over and shoves her out of the way of her bowl. Now I know for sure that he’s just being a greedy lil bastard and not just preferring the taste of Penny’s food 😛

So, Wrigley is one greedy lil bastard. He’s been consistently eating out of Penny’s bowl. I don’t know if there’s much I can do about it, except maybe change his food to the same brand that Penny’s is. Maybe that’d have him eating out of his own bowl more. Anyhoo, it sucks because it leaves Penny with nothing–or Wrigley’s kitten food. I’m thinkin’ it might be best to let Penny handle it. If Penny gets hungry enough, she’ll kick Wrigley’s ass for her food. In theory. Anyhoo, all of the huffing and puffing I do at Wrigley means jack, because he just heads straight back to her bowl just minutes after. Ugh.

It’s been a good week, so far. I’m glad it’s a short one. It’s getting cooler around here, which totally rocks. I’m all about some Autumn.

The weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday was a LAN. FEAR Combat was played a bunch of the time. Very awesome game. On Monday, Ruthie and I hung out at my parents. We had some burgers for lunch and played some Night Sky Monopoly. That evening, we went over to visit with some friends and talked about WoW a good bit of the time.