Da Unpackin’

Well, I definitely made a huge bunch of headway today with gettin’ rid of the boxes. The kitchen is nearly all unpacked. I think I still have a couple of miscellaneous boxes that have kitchen stuff in them, but I have all of the essentials unpacked.

It looks like I’m all good when it comes to curtains, too. Some friends gave me some before the move, so I’ll have enough for three bedrooms to replace the flowery ones that are there now (bleh).

I went to Publix this fine eve–the one that’s on this side of town, which I tend to like better than the other. It has the exact same selection as the other one, and I really don’t know why I like it better, but it seems to jive with me better *shrugs* Just one of those things.

So, I’m watching Cocoon: The Return. Courtney Cox must be frickin teen-something in this movie. Wowsers.

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