So, it’s my third weekend in the house. I have things mostly unpacked. The final horror is the closet in the master bedroom. I can’t see the floor of it, at the moment.

I need to cut the grass. Wow. I have my own grass. Not only is it a horrifying thought, but also kind of cool. The back doesn’t need it as much as the front, but this evening I shall give them both what-for. It’s also kind of “ugh, I have to cut the grass”. But not so jaded about it, yet 🙂

I got a new desk yesterday, to replace the one that was torn to shreds in the move and finished off shortly thereafter by the cats. It’s a really nice one, or as nice as engineered wood can get 🙂 While I was off puttering away, putting a desk together, Ruthie was having a blast in the living room in Zul’Gurub with her guildies. I have yet to visit the instance, and the guild I’m in seems to be too big a mix of levels to mount a raid for it. Maybe I’ll have to level a character up on her server and get myself in on the act.

Today was my official last day in the apartment, though I’ve been long gone. I payed a security deposit when I first signed a lease, but they have since ended security deposits at the place–they’re now “administrative costs”. I may not get any moola back *sigh* I don’t know if I should fight for it or not. I had noticed deposits were listed as $0 in my second lease, so I don’t think I’d have much of a leg to stand on even if I did protest. It wasn’t necessarily a big deposit–at least it certainly wasn’t as large as the pet deposit 😛 Makes me not feel so bad that my last month’s rent was late 😛

Cubs are trailing the Rockies in the 5th, 5-4. I’m chillin’ at the ‘rentals, watching it. It’s in Denver, so I really think this is far from the final score. The fireworks are coming. You’ll see.

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