All that cool weekend stuff…

So, this weekend was pretty nice. Friday night there was quite the smashing dinner party at my digs, with some of Ruthie’s friends and some of mine. We had steak, corn, asparagus and green bean casserole 🙂 It was all quite yummy. Ruthie has a recent love of Schwann’s, which is quite the awesome thing. They do make good food. Then we played a game called “Boxers or Briefs”, which was quite entertaining. I hadn’t played before. It’s a good ice-breaking game, me thinks 🙂

Saturday we went on a walk for Diabetes. It was 3.1 miles around the UAH campus. It didn’t seem bad. Ruthie brought a pug, Higgins, who broke down halfway through–we had to carry him across the finish line 🙂 That evening, Ruthie and I played some Lego Star Wars on her Game Cube. It’s a pretty cool game–we got to Episode II. It’s a good one to play with more than one player.

And, so, today we went to 11:30 Mass and I chilled at the ‘rentals while Ruthie did some raiding in Stranglethorn Vale at Zul’Gurub. I have yet to go there with my guild, I’m quite jealous 🙂 I get to do another AQ raid this week, though, on Wednesday. Should be a h00t. This is kind of where World of Warcraft pays off–all of the questing at the lower levels prepares you for the coolness that is the AQ or ZG raid. Damn, I’m such a geek 😛

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