Galactica and other stuff

It’s definitely getting quite interesting, to say the least. I knew they were going to get off of New Caprica, but I never would’ve imagined it would’ve been like that.

The battle above New Caprica was astounding. I couldn’t believe how Galactica released the Vipers. It was a shame the Pegasus had to be sacrificed, but it sure went out in quite the blaze.

It was definitely very weird to see all of them, sort of back to normal. Roslin was on Colonial One, Adama shaved off that mustache and everything seemed as it should have been. It seems so long since it’s been that way, but it’s only been four episodes and some change. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes the rest of this season.

I had a LAN at my pad this weekend 😀 It was quite cool, albeit a bit small. Mostly, we played FEAR Combat, UT2004 and a little bit of HL2. Nice lil gaming day.

Cardinals whooped up on the Tigers 7-2. We can only hope it’s a fluke 😛

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