Galactica Goodness

Ok, if there was ever any doubt that Baltar was a slimeball, and I really don’t think there was, then Friday proved him to be neither on the side of the Human nor Cylon. He’s on a Basestar, basically held captive since they don’t truly know what to make of him. He convinces them that he can go over to a diseased Basestar to check out what’s going on, and one of the first things he does is kill a Cylon who’s in his way. Between that and the probe that he’s kept secret from them, it makes one wonder if he won’t be thrown out an airlock soon. I wonder if he is part Cylon.

Lee is finally no longer a fatass, which is good. His jowls were quite annoying. He was a good bit like Jabba the Hutt on the Pegasus. So, now they can finally move along and find Earth. I thought it was a good twist, that the Cylons are now racing towards Earth with their own claim for colonization.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty kewl and mellow. I got a couple of friends caught up with Galactica–they’ve been having mega marathons of-late to get caught up from the beginning to now. Now they must suffer along with the rest of us that Galactica is on but once a week 🙂 If it’s not a sickness, then it should be–I want more Galactica, dang it! 🙂

I went to go see the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D with Ruthie. It was pretty cool; it didn’t make me near as nauseated or sick as I thought it would. 3D movies and my tummy don’t always agree. Maybe this one was better because it wasn’t actually filmed in 3D, but modded later *shrugs* I had seen the whole thing only once before, so it was pretty awesome seeing it projected out at me.

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