Insomnia sucks, particularly when you hear noises in the living room and go out there only to find two cats staring up innocently at you–and finding nothing really out of place.

So, I saw Galactica & Firefly last night on Universal HD *DROOL!!* It was very much kick ass. This morning, I saw Angel on TNT HD. It also very much kicked ass. I’m definitely liking this DirecTV stuff. It got installed on Saturday and I, obviously, got the HD package. Good stuff.

This weekend wasn’t too frickin’ bad at all 🙂 Friday night, I went with Ruthie, Matt & Rynn to a little ice show. It was pretty cool. The Huntsville Youth Symphony was playing, or at least I think they were. They weren’t very amplified at all, and the Ice Plex has very poor acoustics for such things 😛 All-in-all, though, it was quite the smashing evening.

Saturday was full of DirecTV-ness. It took the guy a couple of hours to install it. After toasting my Internet connection, the thing worked like a charm. After getting my connection back up, I was happy again. lol. I went to the LAN party that was goin’ on after that for a few hours. Not bad, but would be better if the host would configure his darn servers before LANs 😉 lol.

After some LAN action, I went to a Christmas party. Some eats were had. We saw the movie Ricky Bobby, which was actually a bit more entertaining than I thought it would be. We played some Dirty Santa afterwards. I won “An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder”. Good stuff 🙂 We watched the first Toronto Q&A. He’s hilarious when he speaks. I’m too used to seeing him as Silent Bob 🙂

And, so…Monday. Bleh! Ruthie’s gone to FL for the day to get a tour of the KSC facilities down there. I think she even gets to go up to the pad 😀 Lucky ducky 😛 It’s funny, though, she left this morning and will be back this evening. A jet commute! How cool.

I was listening to NPR. Ok, I had an insane moment. They were talking about the parallel worlds of science and religion. What a bunch of frakking idiots. It seems that, in the host’s eyes at least, they’re mutually exclusive entities. You either have science explaining away God, or God explaining away science. What a bunch of closed-minded boobs 😛

It reminds me of that stupid little war of the fish that Christians and atheists/agnostics have going on with their bumpers. The Christians first had the fish. The atheists & agnostics then had a fish with legs, with “Darwin” embedded in the middle of that creature. You then had a fish eating the legged fish with the word “Truth” embedded in the middle of that fish.

Why does this have to be a world where extremists have the most voice? It’s frustrating, being a rather moderate individual who sees the middle ground in such things. God does not explain away science, neither does Science explain away God. Science, to me, is merely a tool; it’s a tool to quantitatively and qualitatively explain the mechanisms that hold together the universe, thereby explaining how God did it. Why do extremists have to see them as one proving the non-existence of the other?

I’d wonder what that makes me in their eyes, politically. I’m obviously on the side of science, so I must be a flaming liberal. Conversely, I also have an inherent faith in God and His works in this universe, so I must be a Jerry Falwell conservative. Am I really such a freak that I’m not an extremist? I swear, reading and listening to things in the media I almost think so 😛

Then again, maybe I’m just a boob for thinking everything has political overtones *shrugs*

Ruthie and I just watched The Da Vinci Code. It was quite the intriguing story. It reminded me a bit of National Treasure in a few ways, namely how the story takes pieces of history and puts them together into one big nearly believable story. Those types of historical fiction are appealing to me more and more.

I could see where the much of the controversy lies, although Ruthie has said that there was much more in the book that went way beyond. I might read it one day. First, though, I need to see if I can power read through Eragon before the movie’s released 🙂 Anyhoo, I wouldn’t brand the author or anyone who watches it a heretic. It’s merely a movie, after all…a work of fiction. There are those who argue that for every work of fiction, there are facts intertwined. Certainly the case here but, in the context of the events of the story itself being fiction with the intertwining of various facts and theories, it just amounts to an intriguing story.

Nice weekend. Quite relaxful. Friday was full of some dinner at Logan’s and BSG. What’s up with BSG? It’s starting to look like a frickin’ teenie soap opera or something 😛 I know, it was nothing more than a filler episode, but damn. They can do better 😛 If I wanted to watch Adama’s Creek, with Lee and Kara frakking, I’d tune into the WB…or whatever the hell it is they call it nowadays 😛

Saturday was pretty cool, too. I helped Matt & rynnweber put up decorations, and then they helped put up some of my stuff. I don’t think I’m done yet…I put up some lights outside, but I think I need more. I’m going to get all Griswold on this neighborhood. Booyah. lol. I’ll put up some pics when I’m satisfied…probably next weekend 🙂

I found this really killer deal on a Projection LCD HDTV on Friday. The really weird part is that, after I bought the thing, it disappeared from the website. Mind you, this could mean that they sold out of the TV–or maybe they listed it at a price at which they didn’t really want to sell it. It looks like it’s a refurb. It’s one of these. With what I bought it for, I’ve been pondering selling it on eBay for a killer profit…but, it’s such a frickin’ cool TV. Maybe it was such a cool deal that it was too cool…maybe it was just a scam. Supposedly, it’ll be shipped here via freight, so the shipping company will get in touch with me sometime soon about when to deliver. This makes me nervous…not only have I not bought a TV online before, but also I haven’t had anything shipped to me via freight…has anyone had any experience with this?

And now, time for some sleepin’ type activities…