The Playstation 3 really is going for $4000+ (at least at the moment) on eBay. I put my own meager bid of the retail list price on one of the cheaper ones, and 2 seconds later I was outbid. I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, the sellers who won’t sell it for $10K, or the buyers who are getting screwed royally. I know, I know. Economics. They’ll sell at whatever price the market can bear. Still. What a buncha frickin’ idiots; it’s retail for me, or not at all. Hell, even the retail price is too expensive, IMHO 😛

Then again, just because someone wins a bid doesn’t mean they’ll pay it 😛

MS should lower the price on the 360 and make a ton; but, then there might be a supply issue just as there is for the PS3. lol.

Either way, I would think the smart buyer would be apt to wait 6-12 months, knowing the failure rate of the PS1 and PS2 when they came out. Well, those buyers who are actually buying the system to have, that is 😛

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