Nice weekend. Quite relaxful. Friday was full of some dinner at Logan’s and BSG. What’s up with BSG? It’s starting to look like a frickin’ teenie soap opera or something 😛 I know, it was nothing more than a filler episode, but damn. They can do better 😛 If I wanted to watch Adama’s Creek, with Lee and Kara frakking, I’d tune into the WB…or whatever the hell it is they call it nowadays 😛

Saturday was pretty cool, too. I helped Matt & rynnweber put up decorations, and then they helped put up some of my stuff. I don’t think I’m done yet…I put up some lights outside, but I think I need more. I’m going to get all Griswold on this neighborhood. Booyah. lol. I’ll put up some pics when I’m satisfied…probably next weekend 🙂

I found this really killer deal on a Projection LCD HDTV on Friday. The really weird part is that, after I bought the thing, it disappeared from the website. Mind you, this could mean that they sold out of the TV–or maybe they listed it at a price at which they didn’t really want to sell it. It looks like it’s a refurb. It’s one of these. With what I bought it for, I’ve been pondering selling it on eBay for a killer profit…but, it’s such a frickin’ cool TV. Maybe it was such a cool deal that it was too cool…maybe it was just a scam. Supposedly, it’ll be shipped here via freight, so the shipping company will get in touch with me sometime soon about when to deliver. This makes me nervous…not only have I not bought a TV online before, but also I haven’t had anything shipped to me via freight…has anyone had any experience with this?

And now, time for some sleepin’ type activities…