So, I saw Galactica & Firefly last night on Universal HD *DROOL!!* It was very much kick ass. This morning, I saw Angel on TNT HD. It also very much kicked ass. I’m definitely liking this DirecTV stuff. It got installed on Saturday and I, obviously, got the HD package. Good stuff.

This weekend wasn’t too frickin’ bad at all 🙂 Friday night, I went with Ruthie, Matt & Rynn to a little ice show. It was pretty cool. The Huntsville Youth Symphony was playing, or at least I think they were. They weren’t very amplified at all, and the Ice Plex has very poor acoustics for such things 😛 All-in-all, though, it was quite the smashing evening.

Saturday was full of DirecTV-ness. It took the guy a couple of hours to install it. After toasting my Internet connection, the thing worked like a charm. After getting my connection back up, I was happy again. lol. I went to the LAN party that was goin’ on after that for a few hours. Not bad, but would be better if the host would configure his darn servers before LANs 😉 lol.

After some LAN action, I went to a Christmas party. Some eats were had. We saw the movie Ricky Bobby, which was actually a bit more entertaining than I thought it would be. We played some Dirty Santa afterwards. I won “An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder”. Good stuff 🙂 We watched the first Toronto Q&A. He’s hilarious when he speaks. I’m too used to seeing him as Silent Bob 🙂

And, so…Monday. Bleh! Ruthie’s gone to FL for the day to get a tour of the KSC facilities down there. I think she even gets to go up to the pad 😀 Lucky ducky 😛 It’s funny, though, she left this morning and will be back this evening. A jet commute! How cool.