So, I have the beginnings of an ear infection. Blarg! My ear has been feeling very funny, so I went to the doctor yesterday to have it checked out. There’s no pain, which is unusual with me and ear infections. I didn’t think my sense of balance was all that skewed, but today it certainly is. But, still no pain. This is the weirdest ear infection ever, that’s for sure–usually my ear feels like it’s on fire, but not this time. Maybe I just detected it before that could happen. I wish all of my ear infections in the past had been like that. lol. Anyhoo, she gave me some antibiotics and stuff to rid my ear of the fluid. I hate these 😛 They’ve been my nemeses since I was a kid. Ahh, well…at least it was caught early before it got too bad.

I watched Real Genius this morning on HDNet Movies. I hadn’t seen it since senior year of high school, oh so long ago. Even then, I had only watched parts of it. Definitely a good movie, one of the underappreciated movies of the 80s, IMHO. While everyone was busy gettin’ addicted to the likes of The Breakfast Club and Back to the Future in ’85, this one quietly popped into cult limelight. Or else I was really that behind in movies when I first saw it 🙂 Anyhoo, great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Today will be relaxing, darn it. hehe. The holidays are over and now it’s time to relax and…zzzzzzz. lol. Well, maybe not be entirely slothy. That would just be no good, even with an ear infection 😀 It does look kinda like a blah day, though…cloudy and more cloudy. One of those days that would be good for snow, though I have more and more doubts that snow of any appreciable amount will be in Alabama ever again 😛

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