Some birthday present…UAH 2 Robert Morris 3. It was a cool game, though. It was fun to watch, if not a bit painful at the end.

Went to Tokyo, a Japanese steakhouse around these parts. It was quite yummy, and I very much like the way they cook it all in front of ya. Quite entertaining. They have a very awesome fillet mignon, too. I’m not entirely sure what sauces and spices they put on it, since I’m just entranced by everything the cook prepares, but it’s darn good cow. Medium rare, of course.

A nice serene upcoming weekend, me thinks. Monday is off, so I get to rest up after a long full week back after an uberly blissful winter break. I was dang tired by this evening, too. It was a bit of a long Friday.

Wrigley is getting friendlier and friendlier every day. He now consistently comes into the computer room to sit on my lap. I almost have to shoo him away, he’s so insistent about it. He’s going to definitely be one fat cat when he grows up.

Anyhoo, off to that sleep-type place. I’m out like the Republican majority.

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