So, here are plans for the new mall that’s going up in Huntsville. A couple curious things about it are that it appears to be mainly one-story, and it looks like there’s absolutely jack there in terms of electronic stores. One saving grace is that it does have a Barnes & Noble, but there’s already one right down the road from there as it is. As a mall…bleh 😛 I mean, I guess it’s ok, if you’re a clothes whore–but I know even girls who have more to buy than clothes 😛 I do applaud the presence of a Swarovski, though. My mom really likes their ornaments. I think I heard something about the new theatre having 48 screens, but might be just a rumor–and I also heard that it’s no longer Regal that’s doing it, but we’ll see.

Holy cow, it’s the weekend already 😀 Just have a Friday to trudge through and then it’s WoW paradise. I got Burning Crusade the day it came out. My mage hasn’t leveled much yet, mainly because I’ve been exploring the new lands more than concentrating on leveling–he’s only 3 bars into 60. I did make a Blood Elf lock, though. The minions make the funniest comments when you sick them on enemies like “Is this really necessary”, and “This is not in my contract!”

I’m thinking of ditching my desktop and staying exclusively with a laptop. My laptop, at this point, out performs my desktop in a number of ways. About the only thing it lacks in, compared to my desktop, is drive space. I could make up for that on my webserver by having the two drives that are now in my desktop over there, and having a central file repository. I’d keep a desktop around, obviously, for my web/file server. It just seems to me that hardware for portable computers has become so analogous to their desktop counterparts that they’re just about one and the same in terms of performance–in fact, my laptop does better at 3dMark. I’ll be getting Vista for it fairly soon, though truth is I probably won’t install it until SP1 😀

The big downside to this, of course, is the possible lack of upgradability–I’d have to look into any possibilities of upgrading the video card in it. RAM isn’t a problem, of course, and I think the hard drive as well.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a foolish consideration. But, then again, it’s just in the consideration phase at this point 🙂

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