For better, or for worse, Vista is now being installed on my desktop. Hopefully it will not be for worse, but I go in with full knowledge and cognizance that it might be. Early adopters, I truly believe as a lot of Slashdotters do, are Gamma testers. Smoothers of bugs that the Beta testers didn’t find.

So far, so good, though. I remember when installing XP for the very first time years back, running into blue screens on installation. This has been quite stable. Fairly fast, too. It looks like it will, in the end, have taken about 45 minutes or so. My system as been really rock solid up to now, though. I have built a good one. I hope it performs with the grace of an olympic ice skater under Vista, and not with the ugly horror of me falling on my ass on the ice 😀

I’ll post more about game and 3dMark performance later.

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