The one thing that the Democrats don’t get is balance and equilibrium. When people like John Edwards brazenly declare new taxes on the “rich” as part of what he thinks is right, they have nearly no comprehension of the consequences of all of this.

The “rich” as the Democrats describe them–which is also ironic because Democrat politicians are quite rich–are the ones that give the lower and middle class jobs. When you increase taxes on them, you inhibit their ability to hire more people. In fact, you tax enough and you cut into their profit margin enough, they’ll start firing people. The unemployment rate does not go down because of this, believe it or not. It does not mean that the “rich” will hire more people out of the kindness of their hearts. They would be taxed more and more out of capital they could use to hire more. We have the lowest unemployment rate in a decade for a reason.

Why is it that Democrats nearly always act or spout rhetoric on emotion, just so they can feel good at the cost of something more reasonable and sensible? Ugh. Another thing that people don’t comprehend is that these entitlements are going to lead to more taxes for all of us. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security can’t be sustained merely by the “generous contributions” of the rich.

When we pay 80% of our wages towards entitlements to support the Baby Boomers, and we’re all in the poor house because of it, at least we’ll feel good, eh?

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