Boldly going…

So, I’ve had the 360 for nearly a week. The awesomeness is truly astounding. I got three more games for it: Star Trek: Legacy, Halo & Halo 2.

Star Trek: Legacy is just frickin’ awesome. It’s a very good space sim. Like most of the modern ones, it combines sweeping strategy with individual control–you can command either a single ship or the entire fleet. I’m still in the Archer storyline. I got my booty kicked last night by Romulans. Making progress, though. The graphics are really nice, and the interface is surprisingly good–I had my doubts about such a game being intuitive with the controls, but it’s easy to manage and navigate ships.

Halo & Halo 2 aren’t all that bad, either. Even though they aren’t HD games, they still look fairly slick. It looks like Halo has more plot to it than the PC version.

I’m watching Angel. I hadn’t seen many of the earlier episodes, and I am watching the one where Faith goes to LA. Lindsey had been in the last episodes, and I didn’t know where he came from; he obviously had a past with Angel & Company. It looks like he was a lawyer with Wolfram & Hart. Cool.

It’s frickin’ cold here. It should not be 15 degrees 😛

I’m so glad that today is Friday.

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