So, this universe that they all live in. It repeats over and over again. What they do they have done before, and will again. What if we’re not talking about a looping of time, but merely a looping of events? Instead of time going back to some point, events are merely repeated as nature, the gods, or God can suffice.

It might explain the presence of Kara in the 70’s Viper. Perhaps the last series of Galactica was actually the last iteration of events. Kara somehow ended up around earth and found an old Viper from that iteration.

Just a hair-brained theory. We really don’t know all that many details, I suppose, of exactly what this looping of events entails. It would have to mean that the names are generally the same, but the people are different (e.g. Starbuck is a female & possible Cylon, Boomer is a female and a Cylon, and all of the other things that have changed since the first series). It would also mean that the details aren’t important, but the overall story of the destruction of the colonies and the survivors getting to Earth is…

…of course, it could be merely an Easter Egg that the BSG peoples put into there to make us geeks start thinkin’ crazy thoughts 😀

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