Da Weekend

I had a pretty darn good one. I really cleaned this place up. I’m not so much a litter bug as I need to get better at disinfecting more often. Anyhoo, the place is probably more clean than when I moved in 😀 I also finally hung stuff on the wall. I was procrastinating it because I wasn’t entirely sure how much painting I wanted to do. For now, though, I’m not going to do much at all. Besides, this place looks like mine now. That’s pretty groovy. Ruthie got a cool abstract space piece for me that looks absolutely amazing. My place definitely needs more art 😀

Anyhoo, the Church marathon that is Holy Week was pretty cool. Now that Lent is over I will, of course, engorge myself on meat on this Friday. lol. All of the Masses of Holy Week are so very cool. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how very important Easter is, more-so than Christmas.

On Sunday, the folks came over. We watched a lil baseball and I later made dinner: chicken, corn and homemade fries. Good schtuff.

And now, off to work *sigh*

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