The Cubbies won their 4th straight last night. It was a pretty good routing of the Rockies and quite the wild game. The final was 10-9. Amazingly enough, the Cubbies hit only one homerun in the midst of that slugfest–Pagan hit one out with 2 on and 2 out in the 1st. They didn’t gain any ground on the Brewers (shakes his fists at Milwaukee), but they did gain a game on the Cardinals. Of course, this is all that truly matters because so many frickin’ people on Redstone Arsenal are Cardinals fans 😛

And, yes, I realize the MLB probably copyrighted those numbers above. They can kiss my ass; they’re just numbers 😛 Actually, I don’t know what the hell they copyright–accounts, descriptions? I mean WTF? People can’t talk baseball unless they’re a member of the press? BS, I say, and if they take me to court over that crap, then this world really is sad 😛 Hopefully they’re merely talking about copyrighted telecasts and not a gleaming prideful fan chronicling the progress of his/her favorite team.

Geez, I had to go into a rant, didn’t I? 😛 Go Cubs! 🙂