…and it was good…

Transformers rocked.

The action was quite good in this one. Better than the original movie, though I guess I don’t remember too much about it. Perhaps this kick booty piece of cinema will charge me with enough enthusiasm to go out and get that special edition version. But, I dislike watching Optimus die, so maybe I won’t 😛

Bumblebee was hilarious, most entertaining of the Autobots–probably my favorite character in this one. But, Optimus…well, you just can’t beat Optimus. Literally! 😀

I really didn’t see the death of Megatron coming. I realize that it might not actually be the death of Megatron–that he might be resurrected in a subsequent film. I really didn’t notice that Hugo Weaving played his voice. I knew he did, but I forgot and didn’t really notice throughout the film until the end. I didn’t really know it was him.

Sucks that Jazz was taken out, though. I would’ve liked to have seen him in a sequel.

Soundwave was pretty funny, too. He was more of critter and nuisance, seemingly, than a big and powerful Decepticon.

Geez, I need to go back and watch the cartoons!

There’d better darn well be a sequel or 10 😛

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