So, David Hewlett has made a flick that I think I’m totally going to have to see.

A Dog’s Breakfast

It does, indeed, look frightfully funny. It has a whole bunch of SG people, including Dr. Beckett, Teal’c and Teyla. His sister also makes an appearance, who I think actually made a cameo on Atlantis, too, as his sister (ironic, eh?). I think I shall most certainly have to get this one. It looks like it’s on iTunes.

So, this weekend was pretty cool. I got caught up on questing for my now 63 mage in WoW. Ruthie and I played some of the WoW card game Friday and Saturday nights. I’m really getting addicted to that game, perhaps even more so than the MMO itself! Hehe.

Cubbies have won a bunch, and are now 1 game above .500 going into the All-Star break. As always, what matters most is that they’re ahead of the Cardinals 😛

And now for some laundering. Excitement.

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