So, yup, it was that time again yesterday. It was legendary, as always. You wouldn’t believe the kind of schmack, drivel, song and chant that gets spouted during one of those 🙂 It is absolutely hilarious–probably one of my favorite parts of it all. We played a lil bit of Halo 3 and a lil bit of Gears of War–mind you, about 8 hours worth between the two. Next time, I hope, we’ll all have Call of Duty 4. Aaron was playing a bit of that at the end of the evening, and it looks glorious. It may not be WWII as its predecessors were, but it does look absolutely smashing.

A house burned down the street yesterday 😐 I don’t know if anyone was hurt, but an ambulance was right out front, along with a fire truck and a couple of police cars. I had heard the sirens, but I didn’t realize it had been so close. It’s at the end of the block, on the corner. It appears that the flash point of the blaze was the garage–perhaps they were doing some handyman/woman stuff and things got a bit out of control.

Ruthie’s up in Louisville for the next couple of weeks, chillin’ with the fam there and in Gatlinburg. I’ll be joining her later in the week for a big extended family Christmas party. It should be quite a hoot. I only hope my flight up there isn’t canceled, what with all of this crazy weather going on across the country.

In other news, it looks like the Soviet Union never really died. Now, I know Putin is ex-KGB and all, but daymn. He’s done so much to reverse any semblance of reform from back in the 90s, that they may as well be the Soviet Union–certainly in spirit. Booooooo!!!

It’s 34 frickin’ degrees out there right now. Brrrrrrr!!!