Well, I made it to the weekend! Still alive! Thank the gods. lol. I’m pretty much over the strep. I have lingering congestion which is profoundly annoying, but I can live with it–I just can’t sleep with it. haha. I flip and flip like a cooking hot dog all night long.

I got a breath away from 67 yesterday on my mage. It was funny, I hadn’t played my mage at all while I had been sick–just a lil bit of Oblivion here and there. But, yesterday I had a bit of a quest marathon in Nagrand and got myself through most of level 66. Maybe I’ll hit it today.

So, my bro has seen a few famous politicians and their spouses grace the airwaves of the radio show he’s producing. Well, this week it looks as though they might speak to Barack Obama. There’s so much I hope my brother asks him, like why he’d be crazy & stupid enough to effectively halt manned spaceflight after the Orion program (after they finish the new crew & cargo vehicles but before they go to the moon). He said he’d also compliment him for not following in Hillary & Edwards’ footsteps in pushing on us government health insurance. So much to ask and say, and probably only a few moments in which to say them. I wish him Godspeed. lol.

I had a pretty funny dream last night. I was flying with my dad–he’s a private pilot, semi-retired from it because of blood pressure issues. I always did love flying with him when I was little. There were some family trips we took that were in a plane–so, just as some people pack the kids in the back of the car, it was in the Cessna 172 with us. Anyway, we had gotten to our destination, I don’t know where it was, and this airport had an automatic taxi system–the plane would be automatically taken and placed in a hangar via a “moving walkway” taxiway. It was hilarious, because the plane ended up in completely the wrong place right in front of the tower. Not a very eventful dream, but pretty darn funny.

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