Weekend Goodness

T’was, indeed, a fine one. There was a bit of a 360 LAN yesterday, though not for the whole day…hopefully, a longer one will be in a couple of weeks or so. I accompanied Ruthie on 3 of her 18 miles after the mini-LAN…just walking, of course. But, it was a nice lil walk around the ol’ college campus.

We went to Easter Vigil. It was a whopping 2hrs 45min. Needless to say, I was quite tired afterwards 😀 It was a pretty cool Vigil…there were 9 people baptized and about 45 in all doing the RCIA thing this year. It was a very nice Mass. I’m glad we didn’t go today, though…from the looks of it, the 9 and 11:30 Masses were overflowing. Parking would’ve been worse than purgatory.

I switched to DSL today. I upgraded my plan right away so that I could have a static IP…it’ll be a headache, if I have to change the Host records every time the IP changes. Plus, 3Mb is better than 1.5. One day I might go for the full 6. But, 3 is about what I got with cable on-average…and probably about 1.5 during prime-time…I think it’ll be good to have a dedicated line, though. And, it’ll still be cheaper than cable. I do hope they get to upgrading by tomorrow. When I placed the order, they said Tuesday. Anyhoo, it turns out that running cable in a house isn’t too terribly bad…I may have to take some RJ-45 sometime soon and wire up all the rooms for network connectivity. hehe.

I finally watched Lost yesterday, too. Very good end to the first stretch of the season. The next half is in about a month. That’ll be better than that wait I had over the summer for the current season. lol.

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