So, wow…I mean, just…wow. That was absolutely cool. Not as cool, I think, as the season three premiere, but pretty awesome, nevertheless. The Four are going to get rather fraked up in their realizations, I think. What we saw with Tigh and Anders is just the beginning, I think.

The battle scenes in the very beginning were absolutely spectacular. It reminded me a lot of old WWII movies; I don’t know why this one, in particular did. I think it was the scene where they panned around the turrets of Galactica. It just reminded me of the movie Midway, somehow.

So, the Cylons more than likely know Anders is one of them. I wonder how long it’ll be before that gets to the fleet. Something tells me Anders may be short-lived. Kinda sucks. I think he’s a pretty cool character.

And the Viper! Wow! I really don’t totally understand what the Viper’s all about yet, though I’m formulating a theory that it has to do with everything happening before, and happening again. Perhaps everything will loop back to the first Cylon war, and that’s where Starbuck actually came from. I couldn’t really tell by looking at the photograph she brought back if it was really Earth, or not–the features on the moon didn’t seem to line-up. Then again, t’was a grainy photograph.

And the ultimate question. What the frak did Baltar do to warrant such an entourage as the cult in which he now finds himself the honored one?


So, Ruthie’s up in Louisville this weekend. I do miss her very much. She’s hitting up the ballet tonight up there. She had also been intending to try on “The Dress” and get going on any mods 🙂

This weekend will be full of gaming and WoW, me thinks. I wanna get my mage to 70, if possible…he’s on the low-end of 68 right now, though. I also need to get a first grass-cutting in…it’s getting a bit long out there, but I think the rain has other ideas. Booooo!

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