So, Ruthie and I headed out to Atlanta this weekend to check out the aquarium with the bro. It actually started out as a possible trip to Six Flags, but ended up being full of fish since it had rained all weekend. That’s quite the kewl aquarium out there. I do agree with Ruthie, though, that the one in Chattanooga is better laid out.

T’was certainly quite spiffy, seeing the bro again, too. We headed to a Fuddruckers out there, just off of I-75. It was about time I had some Fuddruckers burgers. They be good stuff. After all of the aquarium stuff, we went back to his place and watched some Galactica specials that were on SciFi and also saw the Cubs finish their last spring training game–Kerry Wood got the save against the Mariners.

We didn’t see all that much, in terms of tornado damage downtown. I did see the boarded up windows of the CNN building, and a few other buildings downtown.

Friday night, Ruthie and I went to Connor’s. I had quite the smashing New York Strip, and Ruthie had a grilled chicken salad. Their prime was $45!! Talk about highway robbery. Of course, I got the regular. I was quite full afterwards, tight as a drum. They have decent steak, but I think I actually like Outback more. They have better seasoning, I think.

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