So yesterday, my Human Mage got to Level 70! I got a loan from the guild bank and I bought a flying mount. It is legendary. It has certainly been a long road to 70. I had been playing in spurts since getting to level 60 and Burning Crusade came out…has it been about a year already? 😮 I really don’t know what I’m going to do now. docjeed certainly has interesting insight about the end-game theory and the different schools of thought about the game. I don’t do PvP very much at all, but I certainly wouldn’t mind instancing a bit on my newfound senior level. I have heard so much about Kara, and I’d love to try it if my guildies don’t think my clothy armor is too wussy…perhaps even get an epic flying mount.

I have a number of other characters out there, though, of different races and classes. Playing through on the Horde side might be interesting, and it’ll certainly take me to different places. Also, leveling the Gnome Mages with hapflygirl is definitely fun. I certainly want to see them to get to 70+.

The weekend was awesome. Friday night was a quiet night of a nice spagetti dinner and a DVD from Blockbuster with hapflygirl. We saw Clue, which I had never seen all the way through. Very smashing movie, for sure. We saw only one of the three endings.

Saturday was absolutely splendid. hapflygirl, Ron, Jennifer, Mark and I went to the Tennessee Renn Faire in Franklin, TN. The human chess was great, the jousting was profoundly cool. I’ll have to post the pics when I have the chance. I’m still working on my album on my server–I’m writing one again, this time in PHP.

Sunday was a splendid day of chilling with the Ruthie and playing a good smattering of WoW, at which point I hit the aforementioned 70 mark.

And for now, I am chillin’ and watchin’ bit of TV before some rack time.

P.S. Galactica was frickin’ awesome on Friday night.

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