So, Ruthie and I did the “Engagement Encounter” thing this past weekend. It was such an awesome time. I learned more about myself, Ruthie and both of us together. There’s just no describing how awesome the program is. I’d recommend it to any couple who’s about to get hitched. If you invest a lot into it (namely time and effort), you’ll totally get a lot back. There were a number of issues we had discussed before, and others we hadn’t even thought of.

We’ve learned more about our likes and dislikes, our goals, our priorities, and we even made priorities for us. We learned about proper ways to argue, great methods of communication, NFP (Natural Family Planning). In the end, marriage isn’t easy. Hopefully, the tips they gave us will be most helpful in making it a bit easier 🙂

It was a most awesome weekend, in any case, and I can’t begin to describe how helpful it was in getting us to discuss a few important things we hadn’t before. It took place at Sacred Heart Monastery, which was absolutely cool. Ruthie was all about sneaking a peek at a nun–there aren’t many at all in the Huntsville area, though St. John’s (our parish) just recently got one.

I hadn’t been to a retreat since Confirmation back in high school. This one, to me, seemed far more fulfilling–I think one tends to get more out of those retreats as adults than punky teenagers. lol! As our own priest has pointed out, faith is really for adults more than children. We just tend to get more meaning out of everything–depending on maturity level, of course.

Anyhoo, back to that real world place. Boooooo!!!

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