Prince Caspian, et al

Overall, a very good movie. There was a smidge more of gore in the film than was in the last, which still leaves it far behind the likes of LOTR for the gore factor–though, compared to most slashers these days, that puts both far behind.

The story was very cool. I had never read the books as a kid, something I may go back and do. I was chiefly into scifi when I was a kiddo, and only started getting into fantasy in college–starting with, ironically enough, LOTR. Scifi is still my primary niche, but I’ll totally dig into fantasy here and there. One day I’ll get through all of Wheel of Time, you’ll see.

It was a comparatively short weekend. Boooo. lol. I’ve found an addiction to Wii bowling. I bowled a high of 221 over the weekend. My last couple of games have been kinda blah because I think I wore my arm out. hehe. I couldn’t get as much spin on the ball as I could earlier in the weekend.

Saturday was a bit of a mini-LAN. We played some GTA4 multiplayer, which was pretty decent. I particularly like the “Turf War” mode, which is sort of akin to “Onslaught” maps of UT2004. You capture points (turf) and try to keep them. The bro pulled ahead of me in rank on CoD4; I guess I should play the frickin’ thing more 😉

They opened an Apple Store in Bridge Street. We went in on Sunday. It was pretty wow. It was the first one I had ever been in–I’ve passed by the one in Chicago a number of times, but never went in. Apple has such a limited hardware set, which overall makes the store kind of boring. They had iPhones out the wazoo, but not so many iPod Touches. Anyhoo, they had plenty of accessories for both on one wall, floor-to-ceiling. In any case, between that, Barnes & Noble, Red Robin and Monaco, those are the only things that really interest me at that yuppie-infested clothing bazaar 😛

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