Another Weekend! w00 h00!

The scene where Roslin was about to let Baltar die was absolutely chilling. My bro and I were pondering what the heck they’ll do with him since he confessed to giving the Colonial access codes away.

The plot has certainly taken a drastic shift, now that the Hub was destroyed and the Cylons are now effectively mortal. I think they’re going to be a bit more careful when dealing with humans. lol.

And how about Adama, with his Han Solo-like response to Roslin, after she said she loves him? lol.

The previews for next week were fraking awesome. The Four are revealed and it looks like they might get to Earth? It appears as though they’re orbiting an earth-like world and standing on it in the last couple of scenes…

…so is the last half of the season going to be like Galactica 1980? :\ Ooooh, I so hope not 😛

I was totally a bear yesterday. I was uberly drained by the week, and also the fact that I was up late on Thursday night gaming 🙂 I think Ruthie had a football helmet on. lol. I do like staying up late sometimes, but then I certainly do pay the price the next day.

Not too terribly much going on this weekend, which is good. I’m all about a slower weekend to relax and hike 🙂 Ruthie and I were planning on hitting up a trail nearby we hadn’t been on before. It should be legendary.

We saw Kung Fu Panda last night. It was pretty cool. I got spoiled by the VIP theatres at Monaco, though–it kinda sucked, having kids in the theatre. lol.

The Cubs currently have the best record in the MLB…of course, now that I said that they’ll lose 20 straight and end up in the cellar 😉 If there’s one thing that Cubs fans know, it’s karma…you don’t wanna fool with that.

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