Ouch :(

Insomnia has me by its death grips. I called the dentist the day before yesterday, telling them the pain was quite unbearable and that I’d be quite open to having this wisdom tooth yanked sooner if someone canceled an appointment between then and Monday. No one has canceled their teeth cleaning so that I might have sweet release 🙁

And now, my tooth keeps me up. I got 4 hours of sleep, and it looks like that’s all I’ll get tonight. I’ve done it all in the last 30 minutes: Advil, swirling salt water, orajel. Nothing doing, it still feels like the devil is using a blow torch on my tooth.

On the plus side, it’s Halloween, my favorite secular holiday of the year 😀 It was 70 years ago yesterday that the Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcast War of the Worlds. I’m listening to it right now. Back in the day, this kind of stuff was cutting-edge SciFi. It was their version of SciFi Friday 🙂 Amazing.

On their little weather forecast, mind you it’s fake but still certainly plausible, for NJ the high was 66F and the low was 44F. Nearly what it is for today (62F/44F). Pesky global warming 😉 lol.

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