The Extraction

So, I am short two wisdom teeth. The ordeal wasn’t terrible. The biggest and baddest part of it, for me, was the needle. They swabbed a numbing agent on my gums before they did it, and I didn’t feel much at all. But, about a minute afterwards a bout of nausea came over me. I got cold, clammy and felt like I was totally going to hurl. There’s just something about needles with me. I can be pricked like a trooper, but then I have some sort of reaction shortly thereafter.

Anyhoo, it was interesting, all of the tools used. From what I could gather, there were three that he used to loosen/pry the tooth. And then there was something that appeared to me to be pliers that was used for the actual hardcore pulling.

The bottom one came out without too much difficulty. The top one, however, was awful. It took 4-5 times as long because it turned out that the root of the tooth was mis-shapen like a ‘c’. He got it loose without too much difficulty, but it was getting it out from there that was the killer. I almost thought the novocaine would wear off before he could get it out. lol.

Anyway, now I’m just stewing. Chilling out, changing gauze, taking pain meds. It wasn’t very bad at all, outside of the needle thing. I’m thinkin’ I’ll have some room-temperature soup this evening, but probably not much outside of that. I’m nervous about eating while it’s bleeding.

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