Star Trek

So…wow…I’ve been waiting for this movie for the past…well, since I found out it was being made. The theater was packed, of course, and I’m sure a lot of people in the theater were seeing it for the second or third time. This, however, was the first for me, Keith, Ruthie, dad, Chris, Heather, Heather’s cousin and James.

The beginning was absolutely phenomenal; to begin on such an emotional low was somewhat characteristic of Abrams, I suppose. I was on such an emotional high that the movie had begun that I was nearly in tears when they frickin’ named James Kirk.

The playing of “Sabotage” was pretty frickin’ cool, and well-placed. It’s funny, to the 23rd century that’s like us listening to the likes of Beethoven. I thought the placing of Nokia was hilarious, too.

Nero was well-played by Bana, I think. Ahab was most assuredly hunting his whale (Spock), and his portrayal was extremely cool.

The cast did seem young, but that was certainly the point. Chris Pine was a great Kirk and Zachary Quinto was a phenomenal Spock.

Of course, the overarching questions about everything are just endless. What happens to the Vulcans? How does the purge of most of them affect the timeline? How drastically different will events unfold? Will everyone we knew have the same roles as they did? Not only among the original crew, but those of the descendant Enterprises? How does the destruction of Vulcan change the dynamics of the Federation we knew?

As a reboot, I think this movie was really absolutely awesome. I was able to know that everything that happened had certainly happened–the elder Spock is certainly a testament to that; he came from an alternate reality that we know quite well (a.k.a., the reality we knew all those years from TOS through VOY). But, for the purposes of “now” in the Star Trek universe, we’re in uncharted territory. Anything can happen.

Of course, this opens up limitless possibilities for sequels–and, who knows, maybe even TV revival down the road.

Obviously, the dynamics of the interplay between the characters is quite different now–Spock and Uhura never had a relationship in the other reality, they all met under very much better circumstances, Kirk had a very different track to command…speaking of which…OMG…The Kobayashi Maru!! That was SOOOOOO cool!

Funny, and ironic too, that Pike still ended up in a wheelchair in the end of his tenure as Captain (though probably temporarily). This time, he doesn’t have the blinky yes/no light. hehe.

So, yes, a sequel will not come fast enough