So, I’ve been a pretty busy lil bee of-late. Last weekend, we had our first wedding shower. It was with all of our local friends and family. This coming weekend, we’re having one in Louisville with Ruthie’s family. It should be a hoot. Today’s my Friday in honor of this shindig. w00t!

I’ve seen Star Trek two more times, once at Monaco again and then another time at the Space & Rocket Center. It was in Omnimax, so it was very underwhelming. The size was certainly there, but it was like watching the movie through a fish bowl. I got moderately nauseated…not enough to toss my cookies, but it got pretty touch-and-go there for a while.

This weekend Terminator Salvation comes out. Pretty decent summer for movies, me thinks.

Last weekend, Ruthie and I met up with the Pierces at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. I’ll post some pics when I have some time. It was pretty cool, though it did rain. We got to see jousting and human chess before that, though, and wandered around a little bit when the rain settled for a while.

I’ve installed Windows Mobile 6.5 on my phone. It’s pretty frickin’ tight. I’m not using a stylus at all for the phone anymore. It still doesn’t quite have the polish of the iPhone interface, but it’s still pretty awesome. Windows Mobile 7 promises even more slickness, though that’s over a year away…I’ll probably be ready for a new phone by then, anyway 😉